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JUPITER GURU Change in 2020: Movements in MAKAR (Capricorn) from 20-NOV-2020 09:52AM to NOV-20-2021

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

1 In-between it changes to KUMBH for almost 5+ MONTHS of time from APRIL-05-2021 night to SEPT-14-2021. (This is very significant) Retrograde JUNE-20-2021.

2 GURU enters MAKAR again Retrograde direction on SEPT-14-2020.

3 GURU Would be Retrograde from JUNE-20-2021 to OCT-19-2021. It becomes Direct on OCT-19-2021.

4 So, you can expect slow movements from JUNE2021 to SEPT2021. MUCH faster from OCT2020 to MARCH-2021 and again OCT2021 and NOV2021.

5 It means GURU gets speed from OCT/NOV2020 to cross the MAKAR Sign until APRIL-04 This speed ensures speedy events and fast delivery of individual karma.

05 APRIL2021 TO 14SEPT2021: The GURU change is big for MESH (Aries), SINGH (Leo), KUMBH (Aquarius), MITHUN (Gemini). This is also very good for TULA (Libra), and good for Dhanu (Sagi). not so good for MEEN, KARK and VRISHCHIK . It is not bad etc

NOV2020 to MARCH2021 & SEPT-14-2021 to NOV-20-2021: The GURU change is GREAT for VRISHABH, KANYA, MEEN, KIRK. This is also very good for VRISHCHIK, and good/not-bad for DHANU, MAKAR, MESH. It is adverse and not so good for KUMBH, MITHUN, SINGH. It is not bad etc but very slow / saturation for TULA. Below is a quick summary before we go into each sign details.


(1) MESH: Happening but Stress! Pressure Cooker Situation, too much work, MUST FIND EXPERTS else will struggle hours for 2 hours of job. Spend time finding experts than just keep working! Possible for a few weeks or months to report to someone equal or lesser ability without fault of anyone! :) Make seniors aware but keep working hard. 5 months from APRIL2021 shows great income, desire fulfillment, gains, blessings etc and more so Ashwini nakshatra.

(2) VRISHABH: BHAGYAKARAK Events, LUCK, Higher & strategic positions and start of programs and initiatives that ensure 3 years of continued and increasing success till MAY2023. You have arrived and it IS YOUR time!!! Right time Right place in career and life indeed!! In-between 5 months from April2021 is too much work and pressure. More to Krittika nakshatra!

(3) MITHUN: Misaligned efforts, fatigue, too much running around, need for enough sleep, schedule slippage, efforts & timelines estimation mistakes. Inheriting someone else’s mistakes with timelines and schedule or unavoidable situations taking on these things for survival. In-between 5 months from April2021 great news and developments and more so for MRIG. Abroad travel also possible.

(4) KIRK: Expansion of life, family & career, Good sense of direction, good partnerships, collaborations & team events, SUKH, good luck despite 7th Shani from JAN2020 to APRIL2022 which is contraction and reduction! So, this GURU balances the Shani adverse impact! In-between 5 months from April2021 shows unnecessary running around due to exuberance or someone else’s mistakes!

(5) SINGH: Slow / Saturation, Serve & Protect what you got till NOV2020. Watch health, New investments, Expense of health, Mama mousi good luck. New high skilled people in career and life. In-between 5 months from April2020 are about some expansion & good image and higher position & good networking and more so MAGHA nakshatra!

(6) KANYA: Dream come True success, Promotion, Higher Designation, Higher duties, inner desire fulfillment, Kids’ success, speculative success, great knowledge, education and use of knowledge, SUCCESS, starting of things that would stay with you for next 7 years with increasing success! In-between 5 months from April2020 are about watching your competition, good investments, loans and debts etc.

(7) TULA: Slow & Saturation, meeting good people, near & dear ones, home décor, home improvements, brainstorming, new knowledge, Guru-Saanidhya, Patience needed as some saturation – do not force things -they WILL happen after NOV2021. In-between 5months from April2021 is good news – possible to get things as per your desires more so CHITRA nakshatra of Tula.

(8) VRISHCHIK: Start of new things you LOVE to do, Travels, Presentations, Expression increasing your imp, Visible Impact on surroundings. Getting noticed! 5 months from APRIL2021 slow down things a bit and shows rest rejuvenation and meeting great people.

(9) DHANU: Surroundings starting to recognize your value again, increased income, wealth and good investments, family wealth increase, Easy money possible. In-between 5 months from April2021 shows good travels, presentations and impact on surroundings and start of new things more so for MOOLA nakshatra.

(10) MAKAR: Major relief! Back on track with image & recognition, Optimism, new responsibility and start of 9 to 5 jobs too. Being dutiful, Valued again, End of political exile with increase in social and physical weight. Good sense of direction. Better health & overall wellbeing. “Adyaatwaasa madhun sutaka”. 5 months from APRIl2021 is increased income and gains more so to UTTARASHADHA nakshatra.

(11) KUMBH: TOUGH TIME! “WHAT NEXT for the next 12 years of life” – Political Exile, DO not jump into execution of stuff directly, PLAN and DESIGN first, take your time for WHAT NEXT for the next 12 years of life. This actually magical period where you can decide WHATVER you want to be and will eventually reach there from May2024 onwards and will have intermediate good success from May2022 to May2023. SHANI also 12th also asking to plan next 30 years of life!! All is all SLOW SATURATION 2021. 5 months from APRIL2021 will make you happening and get something new you much wanted but more so for Dhanishtha nakshatra of Kumbh.

(12) MEEN: Great GAINS, MAJOR One-time higher payments, getting paid off for all things you did from JULY2014 & more so OCT2018. Consolidated gains, Successful completion of programs & initiatives started from OCT2018. DO NOT expect rate of increase to continue, it will STALL in 2022– So invest wisely and be cool with income – 2022 would be VERY SLOW! 5 months from APRIL2021 shows some glimpse of SLOW period from DEC2021.

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