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January 14 2021 is Makar Sankranti

Thursday, January 14, is Makar Sankranti, a significant movement in the zodiac - the arrangement of the earth's dial around the sun - and this movement bring about a new change in the way we experience the planet itself.

After 60 years, a rare 4-planet alignment of the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn all sharing the sign Capricorn will be begin on January 14. This 29-day planetary alignment is taking place in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, referred to as the galactic center of karma and the sign of career, social status, and name and fame in the natural zodiac. This unique configuration of planets can potentially bring emotional imbalance and influence your thoughts and actions, adversely leading to pessimism in personal and professional lives.

* This uncommon alignment of 4 planets in the sign Capricorn can impact you. Saturn/Sun and Mercury/Sun are combinations not compatible during this alignment. This may manifest in some people as egotistical behavior and be very opinionated. Furthermore, the flow of thoughts may be restricted which could affect personal and career growth.

* Capricorn is a sign of duality which means emotional conflicts. The planetary alignment could exaggerate this conflict leading to hasty and impractical decisions.

* The planetary alignment may cause depression in some people leading to unsociable behavior, isolation, and issues with professional and personal


* Special attention needs to be focused on relationships, especially between marital partners. The alignment may cause some to express themselves with harsh and hurtful words.

* The alignment occurs in the 10th house of the zodiac which represents career. Care must be taken when dealing with superiors and peers at work.

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