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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini’s crack the best jokes, and they have the funniest sense of humor. They know exactly how to lighten up a serious vibe or a morbid situation through comical behaviors and expressions. As they can see both sides to a story, they can see the good in a situation and prefer to focus on that. 

Gemini’s know how to keep a conversation going for hours on end without it becoming boring. Their minds think fast, and they have a broad attention span which allows them to take in a lot of information and communicate that information extremely effectively to others.

Being ruled by the fastest planet in our solar system, Mercury, Gemini individuals possess a rare ability to learn information exceptionally fast. Due to this, they can have an interest in many different things. They can learn various tasks efficiently, making them extremely versatile in their skill set.

A Gemini’s mind is wide open, and they keep themselves open to all possibilities and information. They aren’t incredibly rigid and set in their beliefs and ways, and find it extremely easy to change a personal opinion when presented with new information, or a specific habit if it does not serve them anymore.

Being ruled by the air element, Gemini’s have many ideas rushing in and out of their minds. Gemini is the sign of expression and communication, and they express what is on their minds often creatively through art, music, or even the way they dress.   

Gemini’s are the life of the party, and other people love to be around them. It is easy for a Gemini to make friends wherever they go, and they can get along with people from all walks of life. 

Gemini individuals do not like to sit still. They always prefer to keep busy, and they can quickly jump from one task to the next. They have a restless energy, which makes them extremely productive and efficient, as they tend to work faster and complete a job more quickly than most people.

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