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Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Their main aspects are impulsiveness, impatience, and stubbornness. However, they are often put in managing positions for they are excellent leaders. Aries are often successful and are never discouraged by failure. They love being challenged, which is a sign of bravery and combativeness.

Aries people are ambitious and extrovert. Often charge headfirst and can achieve prodigious amounts of efforts to meet their goals.

They are incredibly determined. They keep their eye on their goal and pursue it no matter what, and have the inherent ability to overcome any obstacles thrown onto their path. They do not allow anything to stop them and push through all challenges vigorously.

Aries people will walk where angels fear to tread. They do not fear the unknown and are willing to take risks to achieve results. Where other people might be fearful and hesitant to do something, an Aries proceeds without any hesitation and gets the job done efficiently.

Arians prefer to do things on their own terms and avoid getting bogged down by restrictions or people that can slow them down. They can quickly cut ties with people that threaten their independence, people that are needy, and people who do not give them the freedom to do as they please in life. 

Leading a team and carrying the majority of the responsibilities is second nature to an Aries sign. They do not quickly feel bogged down and overburdened and can set a very good example for others through their endless dedication and determination to their goals and their cause.

An Aries will never leave a stone unturned. They accept every opportunity and challenge they are faced with in life with open arms, and they will never allow themselves to miss an exciting, enriching experience.

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